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Antilleans Football Club, Inc.

(AFCI) is a nonprofit 501 (C)(3) organization founded by Stanford Lugg in 2002. Lugg grew up playing soccer and later started coaching soccer to both children and adults.

While working as a soccer coach, Lugg noticed a vast disparity among the children participating in the sport in Northeast Florida, and around the country as a whole. As a result, he decided to be an advocate of soccer to help narrow the gap in disadvantaged and underserved communities.

AFCI seeks to provide opportunities of wellness to children in low-income environments through coaching and development of their soccer skills. AFCI also uses soccer to promote diversity by providing the youth with exposure to different cultures.

Bob Hayes-Reggie

Lugg through his soccer coaching is also tackling another huge issue very prevalent today – childhood obesity – a very serious health condition. AFCI believes it can be a bridge by networking with other organizations in the community to help fight childhood obesity, and by providing another medium for physical education and wellness.

Since its inception, AFCI has been involved in a number of community outreach programs, individual training, group training, soccer camps, and mentoring programs.

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Antilleans Football Club, Inc.
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